Who are the tech leaders building amazing companies around remarkable products and services in Vermont? Who has been a tireless promoter and connector across our growing tech ecosystem? Who is new in the state yet already doing great things? What’s the most disruptive tech startup you’ve seen this year?

The Vermont Technology Alliance, and Seven Days want to hear from you: What’s exciting? Who should be recognized this year? Help us out by nominating your admired and under-recognized tech all-stars for the 2018 Tech Jam Awards!

The categories include:

techjam-award-blank_720Innovation Award
The Innovation Award recognizes any product or service that demonstrates exciting thinking and market momentum. The purpose of this award is to inspire and reward excellence and shine a spotlight on Vermont as a home to innovation. Previous winners include: LORD Sensing Systems (2012), Pwnie Express (2013), Greensea Systems (2014), Logic Supply (2015), THINKMD (2016), GameTheory (2017). Nominate now! 

Ambassador Award
The Ambassador Award recognizes a business, organization or individual who leads the support, promotion and growth of Vermont’s tech economy and ecosystem. The purpose of this award is to celebrate and motivate collaboration, shining a bright light on good actors across Vermont’s technology sector. Previous winners include: Champlain College Emergent Media Center (2012), FreshTracks Capital (2013), Bradley Holt and Jason Pelletier (2014), Michael Metz (2015), VCET (2016), David Feinauer (2017). Nominate now! 

Startup Award 
The Startup Award recognizes a tech-based business or individual business entrepreneur that started in Vermont during the past 24 months, and demonstrates exceptional creativity, ambition, organization and market potential. It’s purpose is to recognize and celebrate Vermont’s homegrown entrepreneurial spirit. Previous winners include: THINKMD (2016), Protean (2017). Nominate now! 

How it works:

All nominations are due by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, September 28, 2018. To make a nomination, please complete this form; be sure to include a thoughtful 200-word statement to support your nomination.

Anyone can nominate themselves or someone else. Nominees can be individuals, products or companies. You may enter as many nominations in all categories as you would like. You may not nominate the same individual, product, or company more than once in a category (that would just be silly and annoying; these entries will be disqualified). A nominee entered in multiple categories is eligible to win only one award. Make your descriptions succinct and speak to the award description.

NOTE: to nominate in more than one category you must complete a second form, one form per nomination. Please refrain from entering the same nominee multiple times in the same category.

Once nominations are in, a panel of judges will review the entries and select up to five finalists in each category for a public vote. Public voting on Tech Jam Award finalists will take place October 8 through 16, 2018. Awards will be announced at a special Tech Jam event on Friday, October 19.

Nominate now!