Calling all female students in grades 5 through 12 for the second annual Tarrant Code Camp — and any interested educators, too.

The weeklong camp, hosted by the University of Vermont’s Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education, will run from August 4 – 8 and aims to instruct students (of all genders) and educators on programming. The camp takes place on UVM’s campus and will focus on five different areas of coding: web development, app development, game development, robotics and computer art.

The deadline to register is July 15, and although event organizers say they can be flexible with that date, spots are filling up fast. Each camp is limited to 15 attendees for a hands-on setting. Tuition ranges from $199 for educators to $499 for students.

“We are especially focused on representing traditionally underrepresented populations in programming. We try to accommodate everyone,” says Audrey Homan, Web and Communications Lead for the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education. “Tech is currently dominated by Caucasian men, the demographics are skewed heavily. Different socioeconomic and social pressures have discouraged women and minorities from pursuing tech backgrounds (and) we want to bring equity into the field.”

This camp aims to get students to learn programming at an earlier age so they will keep programming as a result. Educators can also bring their knowledge back to their Vermont schools and teach a broader audience.

“Not a lot of schools teach programming, but it’s a 21st century literacy,” Homan says. “We’re really excited to offer this opportunity to educators and students. We’re partnering with some great Vermont tech professionals. This niche really needs to be filled for Vermont to stay competitive in the job market.”

Visit the Code Camp website to learn more or register for the event.