Earlier this year, Akamai released a report that said Vermont had the fastest internet speed in the country. It seemed surprising, given that there are still parts of this state that can’t get internet at all. But with gigabit speeds available through Burlington Telecom and VTel, maybe it was legit?

Never mind! It was, in fact, too good to be true.

Akamai updated the report for 2013’s second quarter and Vermont tumbled from first to 17th, reports Vermont Public Radio.

“Looking at a decline seen over a single quarter is of concern, certainly,” says  David Belson the author of the Akamai reports. Belson says the change in Vermont’s average speed jumped out at him when he first reviewed the data.

What he discovered was that a block of 75,000 Internet addresses previously thought to be in Massachusetts appears to be located in Vermont.

So there you have it: Blame the flatlanders.

In the new report, D.C. is tops, while Massachusetts comes in second (after unloading 75,000 slow connections on Vermont).

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